Gupta Press Directory Panjika was first published in 1869 from Kolkata to cater to the growing necessity of having a codified book of ceremonies; something like a reference frame, a book of lists, an ephemeris rolled into one that would satisfy the entire cross-section of the populace. An almanac in the Bengali vernacular, it proved to be the first commercial venture in its area of operation. True there were others before it, but none at such a refined or large scale.


The history of this Bengali almanac stretch from a time when our country was reeling under British rule. Religion & rituals which have always been an integral part of Bengali society, came under direct threat from a torrent of !:II estern thoughts. Codified religious canons and tenets, correct procedure of rituals and ceremonies found it almost impossible to bear. the onslaught of "modernism"and "pragmatism" preached by the Western Indians. Consequently in the fitness of things there was a void which had to lilled by an authentic religious manual.

Thus was born the "Gupta Press Directory Panjika"

This almanac or Panchang as it is commonly. referred to as, incorporated rei igious procedures as sanctioned by the Shastras (religious precepts), auspicious dates for pujas, ceremonies, marriage, festivities and pronounced astrological forecasts. It soon became an indispensable hand book for society. spanning all castes and cross-sections of the Hindu religion, this 'Directory' metamorphosed into a fantastic advertising medium.


Having survived the changing trends of almost 7 generations, Gupta Press Directory Panjika is now a household name worldwide. Any Bengali anywhere in the world, has surely heard of it, if not utilised it. It has graduated from a simple reference book to a handy ready reckoner, revered in all homes where it finds its place next to the family deity. For the religiously inclined, it is gospel. The horoscope section attracts young and old alike. The Gupta Press Directory Panjika has been the common man's constant companion through his entire lifetime - governing all occasions & ceremonies like birth, marriage, death, and all that falls within. Festivals are guided by the Gupta Press Directory Panjika. Astrologers, fortune tellers, heads of state, businessmen, industrialists all resort to the Gupta Press Directory Panjika to guide them through all spheres oftheirwork life.


During the long tenure that the company left behind, it is but natural that there were several phases. Initially, it was a monopolistic area of operation, no competition being in sight for a long time. Soon to follow were several other competitors who started publishing their own variety of the Gupta Press Directory Panjika. Disgruntled pundits who were not accorded a position in The Gupta Press Panjika mainstream, started their own publications. The outcome of this was nothing but beneficial to Gupta Press Directory Panjika. As a direct result of this competition, healthy as it was, Gupta Press Directory Panjika simply innovated and stayed one step ahead. Competition was there to stay, but that only spurred Gupta Press Directory Panjika to newer & better heights. Incidentally, Gupta Press Panjika is the first publisher of Panjika to have contact addresses in LONDON, DELHI & MUMBAI.


Wartime (1935-45) saw the Gupta Press Directqry panjika change from a small book to a larger sized but thinner one due to scarcity of paper. Paper has influenced the quality, volume & the size several times during the entire lifetime of Gupta Press Directory Panjika. So much so that the Gupta Press Directory Panjika metamorphosed from a small book to a long & thin one, then again stabilized to the shape & size as the present one. Partition of the country from unified Bengal, Bihar, Assam & Bangladesh witnessed the death of a sizeable chunk of the circulation. Regrettably however, that void has not been filled.

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At the time when TVs, Radio-FM, CDs, computers & electronic media were unheard of, the Gupta Press Directory Panjika had emerged as an indispensable source of effective advertising. Even though advertising was in its infancy, the need to promote one's product and make people aware was felt in all aspects of everyday life. No other media, had such an awesome cross-section of readership as well as an elongated exposure in terms of shelf life & time period. The Gupta Press Directory Panjika is referred to and used for one whole year. Thus the Gupta Press Directory Panjika became a formidable instrument of advertisement. This uniqueness in advertising continues till today and it is one of the reasons why the Gupta Press Directory Panjika commands such an incredible goodwill for the past century and a half of its existance.

Of late Gupta Press Panjika has scaled new heights. In the industry it has been the first to launch a web-site through which its services will be rendered on a global scale. It has extended its range from the print media to the electronic media keeping the goodwill intact to surge to a newer and better tomorrow. From humble beginnings, the company has grown from strength to strength, keeping pace with emerging trends and technological advancement to be a step ahead, justifying the confidence reposed in it over the last 144 years.


The foremost Bengali almanac "Gupta Press Directory Panjika", along with its smaller version (Panjika), as it is commonly known, enjoys widespread circulation and offers an unique medium of advertisement. It reaches the hands of highest echelons of urban society as well as the remotest corner of rural India. Combined space booking in both will offer the maximum benefit. Recently after a major facelift, the Panjika is now more attractive and valuable, making it indispensable for any advertiser. The continued support of its innumerable patrons has catapulted the Panjika to the top among its peers.

Salient Features:

Distribution West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Bengali homes countrywide.
International U.K., Sweden, U.S.A., Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.
Period Effective from 1st Baishak (14/15th April) but available from January to 30th Chaitra (13/14th April) next year.
Scope All cross-sections, irrespective of religion.
Application MUST for all festivals, religious ceremonies.
Shelf-life: Minimum 1 Year + 4 months.
Reference frequency Daily by 1 lakh of Users.
Visibility & Recall 6 lakh users = at least 24 lakh Readers
Credibility 144 years old - Revered by seven Generations.


Any periodical which enjoys such a national and international exposure, normally commands a huge cost. But contrarily, a full colour page here is a mere pittance. Consequently the cost to advertise per unit is negligible.


Print media has globally been swamped by the electronic media. Recognising the need of the hour in this age, the Gupta Press Directory Panjika has been using the technological advancement to the full. Hitherto all astrological, matrimonial, religious and festival data & procedures was obtained through the printed version of the Gupta Press Directory Panjika only. Queries pertaining to the above as well as in ancilliary services like availability of Pujaris for Pujas, matrimonial matchings and dates are generally answered with reference to the book. Parents of bride and grooms would prefer confidential sensitive information handled carefully. Consequently Gupta Press Directory Panjika has geared itself to provide professional services and answer queries like the above via the net for the benefit of society. The ambit of service will include...
  • A Pujari service providing PUJARIS only click away at reasonable remuneration.
  • Numerological assistance.
  • All information as in the Gupta Press Directory Panjika.
  • Vaastu Shastra aided house and office planning.
  • Names for the new born with astrological signs.



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