Whole Life Prediction

The Whole Life Prediction Report analyses your total horoscope for health, career, finance , marriage and other relationships. It will also include an essay on your entire personality and suggest remedies/suggestions for any problems foreseen in the foreseeable future . Major changes influencing your health, career, finance and marriage/relationships and a Do it yourself Guide outlining Do's and Don'ts will act as an index to observe and analyze the impact of different planets in your life, and will assist you in realizing your personal goal in this lifetime.

Charges : Rs. 2000..00


What is true love and how do you know when you have found it Find out where you relationship with your spouse/partner is heading in the future....for better or for worse. Also find out timing of marriage, delay in marriage, incompatibility in love/marriage, whether lost love will come back, when will you find the love of your life or your soul mate, if there are chances for divorce, what are the chances that you will have second/ multiple marriage, which person to choose for marriage etc. Let our astrologers tell you where the problem lies, and how best to resolve it.

What is true love and how do you know when you have found it Find out where you relationship with...

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Are you tense about your health? Have you been going to the doctor,and through a battery of check ups; which make you feel even more unwell? Are you prone to accidents ,stomach ailments, respiratory discomfort, pains and breakages? Your horoscope is a clear indicator of the way your health will be in the time to come. Take the trouble to know the truth about your health and stay fit and in the pink of health. Also be aware of our opinion on the quality of health you are likely to enjoy in life, the diseases likely to attack your system due to your planetary configuration and the probable times of ill health .

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Names for children ( Astrological approval)

A name is truly a lifetime gift, and it helps define your child - within the family, to friends, at school and to the outside world.There are various methods that people employ to name a new born. Most often it is difficult to accept the names suggested. Hence what we do is let you choose the names that you prefer and then suggest the most suitable name based on Astro-Numerology which gives results based on Numerology and Astrology.

Enter the list of names that you have thought of in the space provided for additional info.Our astrologers will analyse the names based on Astro-Numerology and let you know the names that best suit your child.

You can enter your child's surname in the space provided for FULL NAME. You can also enter the names of the parents and family name (if any) along with the suggested names in the space provided for Additional Info.

Charges : Rs. 500.00

3 Questions

This section gives you the option to ask any 3 specific personal questions on Career/ Finance, Health, Children, and Marriage/Domestic Relationship. Our panel of astrologers will srcutinize your horoscope and give you the verdict whether and how they will work out and what yourt role should be in making it work. Please type in your question in the spce provided for any other information you would like to provide .

Note: The questions should be personal and specific and not abstract /general in nature. For instance, "Please give a note on my career" is not in the ambit of this report and can be handled in detail only with a Finance Report.

Charges : Rs. 750.00


This report gives an overview of the areas that pertain to related to and influence your financial status. It includes among others, the extent of wealth accumulation, income sources and fluctuations, return on investments, earning capacity and means , guide to career predicting times of highs and lows in wealth generation. This also warns you about the periods where you should exercise restraint and when can afford to be speculative. Major changes affecting your finance and Do's and Don'ts will act as a guide to analyze the impact of different planets on your finances and help you proceed with discretion towards your target of financial comfort.

Charges : Rs. 1000.00

Marriage and Compatibility ( Jotak Vichar)

There are eight considerations necessary to judge the suitability of a proposed marriage. These eight considerations are awarded points totaling 36 out which a score of 17 and above is favorable enough for the couple to be compatible. The eight considerations are
1. Varna (Social Status)
2. Vashya (Obedience)
3. Tara (attachment/well being)
4. Yoni Kuta (sexual compatibility)
5. Graha Matri ( Planetary compatibility )
6. Gana (Heirarchy)
7. Rasi ( Zodiac Sign, Growth )
8. Nadi ( Antecedent )

The higher the score, the greater the compatibility and thus the chances of a favourable union. The high score suggests a reasonably good domestic life and the prospective bride and groom may go for the union through the sacred ceremony of marriage.

n addition to this we shall also do a Manglik analysis to verify if either of the partners suffer from Manglik Dosha ( Mars Blemish ) .
Subsequently we shall also factor in the favourability of the other Kootas namely,

Rajju ( felicity in marriage )
Mahendra ( attachment, general condition)
Stree Deergha ( general welfare of wife)
Vedha ( Offspring).

At the end of all the above, we shall pronounce the verdict of compatibility and recommend that the union may proceed or be negated.

Please fill in your birth details in the form provided and your prospective partner's birth details (Name, gender, place, time and date of birth) in the space provided for any other information you would like to provide.

Charges : Rs. 1000.00

Guru Transit Report ( Jupiter Transit )

Our astrologers will analyse your horoscope and report to you on what effect the Jupiter Transit (Guru Peyarchi) will have on your life. The report will guide you on how to enhance the benefic effects and alleviate the malefic effects that may be caused by this transit.

This transit will be significant for the following Rashis

Vrishabha, Mithuna, Simha,Thula, Dhanus,Kumbha and Meena.

Get expert guidance on what you should and should not do in the coming months by ordering the GURU TRANSIT REPORT.

Charges : Rs. 1000.00


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