During the long tenure of the company has left behind, it is but natural that there were several phases. Initially, it was a monopolistic area of operation, no competition being in sight for a long time. Soon to follow were several other competitors who started publishing their own variety of the Gupta Press Directory Panjika. Disgruntled pundits who were not accorded a position in the Gupta Press Directory Panjika mainstream , started their own publications. The outcome of this was nothing but beneficial to Gupta Press Directory Panjika. As a direct result of this competition, healthy as it was, Gupta Press Directory Panjika simply innovated and stayed one step ahead. Competition was there to stay, but that only spurred Gupta Press Directory Panjika to newer and better heights. Incidentally, Gupta Press Panjika is the first publisher of a Bengali Panjika/ Almanac to have contact addresses in LONDON, DELHI and MUMBAI.


Wartime (1935-45) saw the Gupta Press Directory Panjika change from a small book to a larger sized but thinner one due to scarcity of paper. Paper has influenced the quality, volume and the size during the entire life time of Gupta Press Directory Panjika. So much so that the Gupta Press Directory Panjika metamorphosed from a small book to a long and thin one, the again stabilized to the shape and size as the present one.Then Partition of the country from a unified Bengal, Bihar, Assam and Bangladesh witnessed the death of a sizeable chunk of the circulation. Regrettably however, that void has not been filled.


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