At the time when TVs, Radio-FM, CDs, computers & electronic media were unheard of, the Gupta Press Directory Panjika had emerged as an indispensable source of effective advertising. Even though advertising was in its infancy, the need to promote one's product and make people aware was felt in all aspects of everyday life. No other media, had such an awesome cross-section of readership as well as an elongated exposure in terms of shelf life & time period. The Gupta Press Directory Panjika is referred to and used for one whole year. Thus the Gupta Press Directory Panjika became a formidable instrument of advertisement. This uniqueness in advertising continues till today and it is one of the reasons why the Gupta Press Directory Panjika commands such an incredible goodwill for the past century and a half of its existance.

Of late Gupta Press Panjika has scaled new heights. In the industry it has been the first to launch a web-site through which its services will be rendered on a global scale. It has extended its range from the print media to the electronic media keeping the goodwill intact to surge to a newer and better tomorrow. From humble beginnings, the company has grown from strength to strength, keeping pace with emerging trends and technological advancement to be a step ahead, justifying the confidence reposed in it over the last 144 years.


The foremost Bengali almanac "Gupta Press Directory Panjika", along with its smaller version (Panjika), as it is commonly known, enjoys widespread circulation and offers an unique medium of advertisement. It reaches the hands of highest echelons of urban society as well as the remotest corner of rural India. Combined space booking in both will offer the maximum benefit. Recently after a major facelift, the Panjika is now more attractive and valuable, making it indispensable for any advertiser. The continued support of its innumerable patrons has catapulted the Panjika to the top among its peers.

Salient Features:

Distribution West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Bengali homes countrywide.
International U.K., Sweden, U.S.A., Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.
Period Effective from 1st Baishak (14/15th April) but available from January to 30th Chaitra (13/14th April) next year.
Scope All cross-sections, irrespective of religion.
Application MUST for all festivals, religious ceremonies.
Shelf-life: Minimum 1 Year + 4 months.
Reference frequency Daily by 1 lakh of Users.
Visibility & Recall 6 lakh users = at least 24 lakh Readers
Credibility 144 years old - Revered by seven Generations.


Any periodical which enjoys such a national and international exposure, normally commands a huge cost. But contrarily, a full colour page here is a mere pittance. Consequently the cost to advertise per unit is negligible.


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